Every outdoor display we design is a true reflection of your special event.

Using both traditional fireworks and the most cutting-edge effects available on the market today, we'll create a sky show to remember. Your fireworks can be synchronised with music/speeches and launched from one location or many. 

We also offer spectacular daylight fireworks and can even create enormous corporate logos or images out of fireworks, to occupy the entire sky. Yes, the sky really is the limit!

Every one of our fireworks displays is a unique study in movement and colour:


  • aerial shells, spider shells, star shells, heart shells peony shells or chrysanthemum shells

  • roman candles or multi-shot candles

  • oversized comets

  • gold and silver fountains

  • jewel mines

  • personalised corporate logos in almost any size

  • premium air cannons filled with floating tissue paper, hearts or coloured metallic streamers with a mesmerising slow-falling  effect (also for indoor applications)



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